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Top Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

Top Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

It's almost the end of the year, and that means the holiday season is fast approaching. With holidays like Thanksgiving (and, of course, the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and Christmas, you might find yourself in need of a few extra hands to keep up with increased demand. According to Vend, this period can generate almost one-third of a company's yearly profits. Because this rise in orders, bookings or appointments is temporary at this time of year, it doesn't make financial sense to hire permanent employees.

So, what's the solution? Onboarding temporary seasonal workers is a great way to get the extra help you need without the commitment and responsibilities of long-term contracts. Whether you're in hospitality, beauty, tourism or any other industry, short-term employment can be the answer to your problems. If you're new to the temporary staffing game, read on to learn some best practices for hiring seasonal employees.

Make use of your current workforce

Your permanent employees have long-term employment for a reason: you trust them and their judgment. As Bizimply explains, it's a great idea to ask your current staff members if they know anyone who's interested in (and capable of) taking on some extra work at your business during peak season. Using an employee referral program to reward staff members who refer new workers is great for motivating them to do so.

Revamp your job posting strategy

If you're not already using social media to advertise vacancies, now is the time! Fans of your business will be following you on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will likely see your adverts and might let their friends and family know. There's even a chance your loyal customers themselves will want to lend a hand! Take advantage of your mailing list, too. People who have subscribed to your marketing are invested in your brand and probably won't mind spreading the word.

Look at experience and attitude

Hire temporary workers who have the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running because you don't have time to spare onboarding them. While familiarity with your industry is crucial for seasonal employees, season-dependent work also requires the right attitude. It's recommended that you also pay attention to your applicants' skills, perspectives and approaches to working and interacting with customers.

Pair up seasonal and permanent employees

Even if they have all the experience in the world, your temporary workers will need some training, regardless of how you source them. Because your business has its own unique requirements and operational processes, it's a good idea to schedule seasonal employees alongside your long-term workers so that the former can learn from the latter. Partners are the best way to do this, as the new hires can get to know their permanent counterparts well and will feel more comfortable asking questions.

Integrity Staffing Services understands how tough it can be to recruit the staff you need during peak season. Contact us today to find out how we can help you hire the right workers during the times you need them most.



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