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At Integrity Staffing, we deliver specially tailored staffing solutions that align with each company’s specific needs and objectives. We give you the flexibility to keep up with changing demands, increase productivity and remain focused on your core business. You’ll save time in the hiring process and reduce administrative burdens, freeing you to focus on growth and retention.

Reduce Liability and Risk Exposure

As the employer of record, Integrity Staffing is responsible for workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment claims and payroll taxes. We do our own in-house payroll. We can provide quick turnaround on paycheck corrections or questions rather than waiting on a third-party provider. We are ACA-compliant, use E-Verify to confirm employment eligibility, and offer certified payroll when required. We’re known for our constant communication and quick response times and are always available for our clients.

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We specialize in the following services to better your business.

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Contract Staffing Services

Our contract staffing services give companies the flexibility to hire qualified candidates for contract, project-based, or seasonal needs. This service enables you to maintain productivity while effectively managing workforce costs and fluctuations in demand.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing
Contract-to-hire staffing gives you the opportunity to assess a candidate’s performance on the job and cultural fit with the organization before making a permanent hiring decision. This approach allows you to minimize risk and ensure the candidate is a perfect match before fully committing to a long-term employment arrangement.
Direct Hire Recruiting
Connect with highly skilled and qualified candidates for your full-time vacancies. Our team thoroughly screens each individual, ensuring they match your unique requirements, saving you valuable time and resources during the hiring process.
Our comprehensive payrolling services include handling employee wages, taxes, benefits, and other payroll-associated tasks, allowing you to focus on core business functions.

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