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The Top 5 Skills To Look For in New Recruits

Top 5 Skills To Look For in New Recruits

What skills employers want their employees to hold will unfailingly depend on the particular role for which they're hiring, but technological advancement, emerging industries and societal, economic and political factors also influence what's in demand. 

That said, there are a few core abilities business leaders look for across the board, regardless of the sector in which they operate. Hard skills tend to be industry or job-specific, so, when speaking in general terms, we most often look at soft skills. Some soft skills can be delineated and distinctly categorized, but they can also be grouped together because many are related or interconnected. In fact, some skills are predicated or entirely dependent on others!

When discussing and analyzing such capabilities, it's important to bear in mind that many — if not all — skills exist on a spectrum. Some people will be more proficient than others in any given skill, as many are largely based on personality and experiences. However, all of the abilities discussed here can be practiced, refined and developed.

The most commonly cited 'umbrella' skills business leaders want include:


As Indeed explains, it's critical to be able to make decisions with consideration, but without hesitation. Employees (especially those in managerial or supervisory positions) must know what each team member needs and properly manage these individual requirements to ensure that everyone can perform to the best of their ability. Good leaders create and maintain cohesion and provide effective guidance.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Communication consists of a variety of other skills. According to GetSmarter, the ability to communicate well is critical for teamwork and conflict resolution. Recruits should be able to articulate their ideas well and know what information to share, as well as how and when it should be disseminated. Good interpersonal skills consist of emotional intelligence, empathy and open-mindedness.


No manager wants to spoon-feed their staff. New hires must have organizational skills (such as good time management). They need to demonstrate self-discipline and motivation. On top of that, they should be proactive and ambitious, taking the initiative where appropriate instead of waiting to be told what to do. This ties closely to a strong work ethic, which is also essential.


The working world is incredibly fast-paced and changes at break-neck speed. New challenges arise every day, and any new employee must be able to think laterally. It's vital that new workers possess a degree of ingenuity and bring a fresh perspective with them. This requires a great deal of creativity and critical thinking.
IT literacy

Computer savviness is one of the few universally desired hard skills, if not the only one — you'll be hard-pressed to find a single job that doesn't require some sort of digital/technological competence. Every employee needs to know how to operate basic software and communication technologies.

Integrity Staffing Services has a deep understanding of the very particular set of skills each employer requires from every employee. Contact us today to find out how we can help you hire workers with the skills you need.



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