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5 reasons why you should look to a job agency for your next job

5 reasons why you should look to a job agency for your next job

Given the current labor crisis, there's no shortage of jobs. Be that as it may, it can still be quite challenging to find employment that's right for you, especially if you embark on that adventure alone. Fortunately, you don't have to go on the job hunt alone! Specialist job agencies — also called recruitment or staffing agencies — can help you find the perfect role. Here's why you should consider working with one:

They do the heavy lifting for you

Sifting through hundreds or even thousands of job listings can be incredibly time-consuming. Job agencies do all the research for you, based on the information you've provided such as your work experience, qualifications and education history. Because they're contracted by organizations, they're also privy to vacancies that aren't made available to the public, meaning you'll potentially have access to jobs that very few other people do.

They're cost-effective

Job agencies are paid by the businesses that hire them to find new employees. They operate on a commission basis whereby they're paid by employers when they find a successful candidate. This means that you, as the job seeker, typically don't have to pay the agency. Being assisted for free is definitely advantageous given that you might otherwise have to sacrifice potential working hours to spend time hunting for a job.

They've got tons of experience

Most job agencies have been around the block, and your job hunt won't be their first rodeo, no matter how niche your field is. The large majority of these agencies aren't confined to any one industry, so the chances are they're already familiar with your field. Furthermore, they know what employers look for in candidates based on the specific role's nature. As such, they can give you feedback on how to improve the probability of you landing a job.

They can help you branch out

Because job agencies will already be well-acquainted with your area of expertise, they'll often tell you what other roles or industries you can consider. This is particularly helpful if there aren't many openings for the job you had in mind or if you're looking to switch careers but don't know how to go about it. In doing so, you'll boost your chances of finding new gainful employment more quickly than you might have otherwise.

They've got contacts and clout

Applying to jobs often feels like throwing your CV into the ether, knowing there's no guarantee that someone will even read it. Companies paying job agencies know that recruiters are serious about finding employees and will only refer applicants who they think are suitable for the position. So, you can rest assured that the hiring manager will most certainly look at your resume because they know doing so won't be a waste of time.

At Integrity Staffing Services, we know just how hard finding a job can be. With over 25 years of experience serving job seekers and clients across multiple industries, you can trust us to help locate and land the job of your dreams!



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