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Tips for ensuring employees feel valued

Tips for ensuring employees feel valued

How satisfied employees are with their job often dictates whether an organization thrives or dies. Job satisfaction has many components, one of which is employees feeling valued. When workers feel appreciated, company culture improves, as does organizational success.

Making employees feel valued is critical for lots of reasons. Firstly, it boosts company loyalty and promotes employee engagement. Further, it enhances productivity: a recent study conducted by O.C. Tanner found that there's an 18x increase in worker output when employees report feeling appreciated at their workplace. Additionally, workers who feel respected are much more likely to stay with a company, thereby boosting retention rates.

Below are five tips your organization can use to help make your employees feel valued:

1) Request company-wide feedback

Administer regular anonymous surveys that let workers voice their opinions and perspectives on the organization. Inquiring about employee experience demonstrates that employers care about their workforce and assists managers in understanding what the people who work for them generally need and want. Once you have this information, try to implement it as much as possible to prevent the exercise from being perceived as an empty gesture.

2) Conduct individual check-ins

Ensure that line managers hold regular one-on-one meetings with their employees. Supervisors should ask workers how they're faring in both their professional and personal lives to understand how they can support employees individually. As Harvard Business Review explains, these check-ins prove that employers are invested in aiding their employees and they also give employees the space to develop a meaningful emotional connection with the organization. It's also helpful to provide constructive feedback during these meetings.

3) Explain career growth opportunities

Employees are citing the possibility of professional development as a determining factor in whether they apply to or remain with a company. Therefore, it's vital that employers outline to their employees how they can advance in their careers within the organization. Management must provide workers with the chance to complete skills development programs or courses.

4) Offer flexibility

Employees are more likely to feel valued when they're granted a degree of control over their working hours and conditions. If it's possible, consider allowing workers to work from home or apply a hybrid working model at your workplace. It's also beneficial to permit workers to choose the hours in which they work, within reason. Let your employees take regular breaks to prevent mental and/or physical burnout.

5) Recognize and reward effort

Compensating employees in tangible ways for their hard work is undoubtedly the best way to make them feel valued. Per Vantage Circle, you can reward workers in various ways, such as salary increases, bonuses, promotions, extra paid time off/vacation days and gift cards for practical outlets such as grocery and homeware stores. It's also helpful to ask your workers how they would like to be remunerated for excellent work.

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