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Throughout history, people have worked in temporary roles and the staffing model has existed since the 19th century. However, to keep up with the evolution of the industry, it’s necessary to update tools, technologies, and strategies. This is why staffing and recruiting has become a multi-billion-dollar industry today. To survive in a constantly evolving marketplace, companies need to think outside the box and adopt innovative techniques like new training methods, technology, and marketing strategies. Staffing professionals must remain flexible and adaptable in order to provide quality service to clients and candidates.

Training and technology

Training is crucial for all companies, but it’s particularly important for staffing companies. Every employee must comprehend their role and the significance of their work to function together cohesively and succeed. Currently, some companies fail to recognize the advantages of training or educating their workers further. They fear that after investing resources into their staff, they will leave. Nevertheless, research has shown that training has the opposite impact on HR managers.

Role-based training

Employers often use outdated methods for training and leave individual leaders to handle training responsibilities, which can lead to mistakes. A better option is to use role-based training that involves multiple team members, aligns with each role’s responsibilities, and offers training based on employee expectations. Including tenured team members in new employee training can also lead to better retention rates.


Consider implementing upskilling as a training tactic, which involves developing the skills of your current employees so they can take on new roles. With many industries adopting new technologies, it’s crucial to address the digital talent gap by hiring skilled candidates while also retaining your existing workforce.

Investing in technology

Technology is crucial for the success of a staffing business and not just for upskilling opportunities. Although some small firms still rely on paper and basic software, this approach is insufficient. Investing in technology is essential because it increases efficiency and saves time and money in the long term. At Integrity, we have a team dedicated to staying current with staffing and recruiting technology. They assess which systems and processes will help our franchisees and their teams operate at maximum efficiency.

Integrity Staffing Services

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