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What Is a Shipfitter?

What Is a Shipfitter? And How to Become One…

As a shipfitter, you are part of a shipbuilding team and responsible for cutting and attaching large metal sheets that form the exterior of the ship. Your job involves riveting and welding, and you work in a shop cutting and welding metal sheets according to blueprint specifications. You also work on the ship itself, sometimes at great heights, moving and riveting these metal sheets to the ship’s frame.

How to Become a Shipfitter

In order to become a shipfitter, it is necessary to have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. While certain positions may necessitate experience specifically as a shipfitter, others merely require some previous experience in construction in general and offer on-site instruction. To start your career as a shipfitter, you can work as a shipfitter helper, assistant, or apprentice. This will help you learn the basics of shipfitting and acquire the skills needed to do the job. To become a shipfitter, you should have excellent spatial skills and be able to read blueprints. Metalworking experience and physical stamina are also important for this job. Additionally, you should be comfortable working at heights and in challenging environments.

Most shipfitters are members of a union or belong to an apprenticeship program, learning directly from experienced ship fitters and completing coursework that relates to their field of work. They may also need to complete safety courses or licensing requirements, depending on the exact type of fitting they do.



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